Istanbul Historical Peninsula is the region that hosts the most touristic and historical places of Istanbul. There are many historical artifacts, museums and structures here.

Sultanahmet Square is one of the most famous squares of Istanbul's Historic Peninsula and is close to many tourist attractions. Topkapi Palace, located in this square, is the largest palace built in Istanbul, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire. There are also many museums, galleries and exhibition areas inside the palace.

Located in Sultanahmet Square, Hagia Sophia Museum is one of the most famous museums in Istanbul. The museum was built as a Byzantine church and later converted into a mosque during the Ottoman period. Today, it is used as a museum and attracts great attention from visitors.

The Basilica Cistern is one of the most interesting structures in Istanbul and is located just below the Hagia Sophia Museum. There are columnar galleries and water channels inside the cistern, which was built to protect the water resources of Istanbul.

Just a few steps away from Sultanahmet Square is the Blue Mosque, one of the most famous mosques in Istanbul. The exterior of the mosque is a magnificent architectural work, and inside there are colorful ornaments, a mihrab with a large dome and many artifacts from the Ottoman period.

The Grand Bazaar is one of the most famous shopping venues in Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar, which has been operating since the Ottoman period, offers a wide range of products to its visitors with its approximately 4,000 shops.

Located in the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul, these touristic places are unmissable opportunities for tourists interested in history, culture and architecture.

3-Day Historical Istanbul Peninsula Tour

  • Breakfast at the hotel in the morning.
  • Visits to Sultanahmet Square, Topkapı Palace and Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum, Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque.
  • Samples of Turkish cuisine at Seraglio Restaurant for lunch.
  • Grand Bazaar tour, shopping opportunity.
  • Dine with live music in a restaurant serving Turkish cuisine for dinner.
  • Breakfast at the hotel in the morning.
  • Dolmabahce Palace, Ortakoy Mosque and Square, Ciragan Palace visits.
  • Tasting fish varieties at the restaurant in Bebek Park for lunch
  • Bosphorus Boat Tour, Bosphorus Bridge, Anadolu Kavağı and Rumeli Kavağı excursions.
  • Dine with live music in a restaurant serving Turkish cuisine for dinner.
  • Breakfast at the hotel in the morning.
  • Opportunity to go to Büyükçekmece lake outside the city and to do water sports.
  • Lunch. Fish varieties in the famous fish restaurant in Büyükçekmece.
  • Return to Istanbul in the evening, having dinner at a restaurant serving Turkish cuisine for the last dinner.

This tour is an ideal option for tourists who want to explore the historical and cultural sites of Istanbul, the beauties of the Bosphorus, natural areas outside Istanbul and local food. Tourists will get to know Turkish history and culture closely, as well as have the opportunity to taste local dishes.