Get to Know Turkey

Samsun Gezi Rehberi

Samsun Travel Guide

Samsun is known as the pearl of the Black Sea and is famous for its rich history, natural beauties and hospitable people. This guide aims to guide those who will visit Samsun to have an unforgettable travel experience.

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Trabzon Gezi Rehberi

Trabzon Travel Guide

Trabzon Travel Guide: Embracing the fierce waves of the Black Sea, Trabzon shines like a treasure that embodies the mystical and unique beauties of the region. In the northeast of Anatolia, lush green mountains and vast..

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Türkiye Dalyan

25 Unique Places to Explore in Turkey

Hello travel lovers! Turkey is one of the most special destinations in the world with its historical riches, natural beauties and cultural diversity. As DYG Tur, we offer you a guide to discover Turkey's most sophisticated and impressive places.

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Bursa Uludağ Kayak Turizmi

Uludag Ski Tourism

Uludağ is one of the most famous mountains in Turkey and is a symbolic landmark of Bursa. It is known for its natural beauties, rich diversity of flora and fauna and various activities. Whether you are a nature lover or a traveler in search of adventure, Uludağ will offer you an unforgettable experience.

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Abant ve Abant gölü

Abant Lake and Abant

Abant is a district of Turkey's Bolu province and is famous for its lake of the same name. Its history goes back to ancient times and contains traces of various civilizations.

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orduda gezilecek yerler

Places to Visit in Ordu

Ordu is a city located in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. Its history goes back to ancient times. In the archaeological excavations carried out in the region, traces of settlements dating back to the 3rd millennium BC were found in Ordu and its surrounding areas.

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