Trabzon Travel Guide

Embracing the fierce waves of the Black Sea, Trabzon shines like a treasure that embodies the mystical and unique beauties of the region. This city in the northeast of Anatolia, embraced by lush mountains and vast sea views, has been shaped by thousands of years of historical texture and various cultural influences. With its rich history stretching from the Hellenistic period to Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman traces, Trabzon offers a time travel on every street corner.

Trabzon also presents a fascinating picture with its natural beauties. The landscapes formed by the perfect combination of the sea and the mountains are a natural wonder that impresses the visitors. With its climate unique to this region, rich vegetation and forests full of endemic species, Trabzon also steals the hearts of nature lovers.

In this city where different cultures, religions and civilizations embrace, it is possible to see the historical texture blending with modern life. From traditional handicrafts to modern art events, from local markets to shopping centers, Trabzon embodies a rich and diverse lifestyle.

The friendly and hospitable people of Trabzon also complete this experience. While wandering the streets of the city, you can meet friendly local people, listen to local stories and feel at home.

How to go to Trabzon

Transportation to Trabzon is very easy. The airline can be provided with domestic and international flights organized through Trabzon Airport. Road, sea and railway are also alternative transportation options. While driving along the Black Sea Coastal Road, you can reach Trabzon accompanied by unique natural landscapes.

Places to Visit

  1. The Hagia Sophia Mosque:One of the brightest stars of Trabzon's historical and cultural heritage, Hagia Sophia Mosque is a magnificent structure rising in the heart of the city. First Byzantine Emperor II. Built by Manuel in the 13th century, this church was later converted into a mosque during the Ottoman period. With its magnificent architecture and detailed decorations, Hagia Sophia Mosque takes its visitors on a historical journey.

    Its exterior is a masterpiece of red brickwork and exquisite stonework. Its domes and minarets adorn the silhouette of the city, while the remarkable mosaics on the entrance gate reflect the art of the Byzantine period. The interior draws attention with its fascinating frescoes and arches. The mihrab decorated with precious stones, the golden details adorning the ceiling and the wooden carvings offer an aesthetic feast to the visitors.

    The historical and religious significance of the Hagia Sophia Mosque fascinates visitors as well as being the center of religious activities in the city. The museum section inside the mosque houses a rich historical collection and is full of artifacts from the Byzantine period to the present.

    Hagia Sophia Mosque is one of the most important parts of Trabzon's historical and cultural identity. By visiting this historical place, you can both follow the traces of the Byzantine and Ottoman periods and experience the religious and aesthetic richness of the city.

  2. Sumela Monastery:In the middle of the magical nature of Trabzon, the Sumela Monastery, carved into the steep cliffs, looks like something straight out of a fairy tale book. As if rising to the sky, this monastery fascinates its visitors as a unique synthesis of history and nature. This holy place is located in a magnificent landscape surrounded by the steep mountains of the Black Sea.

    The Sumela Monastery, which was started to be built in approximately 386 BC, grew and developed over time and became an important religious and cultural center. The frescoes inside the monastery are among the rarest examples of Byzantine art. Churches and chapels decorated with icons reflect the religious importance of the monastery, while living quarters and warehouses bear the traces of daily life.

    As you wander through the spaces inside the monastery, you can feel the silence and peace of the monks who have lived here throughout history. Worship areas, dining halls and cells provide an opportunity to understand the complex structure of the monastery. The frescoes on the ceilings convey the spirit of the period to the visitors by enlivening religious stories and figures.

    All you need to do to reach Sümela Monastery is to follow the hiking trail intertwined with nature and climb the road to the monastery. Breathtaking natural beauties and landscapes will greet you along the way, and this experience will turn into an unforgettable memory.

    Sumela Monastery, this unique structure that brings together historical and natural beauties, is not only a monastery, but also a part of the common heritage of humanity. The time you spend here allows you to have a spiritual experience and to discover the unique natural beauties.

  3. Ataturk's Mansion:Atatürk Mansion, which is one of the points witnessing the historical riches and modern life of Trabzon, is one of the symbols of the city. This mansion, which Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited and stayed in five times, has a great importance in terms of Turkey's struggle for modernization and independence. The mansion has an extraordinary place among the historical places of Trabzon.

    The mansion is located on the Boztepe hill above the city center. Thanks to its location, it offers the opportunity to observe both the city view and the wide blue of the Black Sea. The historical texture of the mansion and the furnishings of the period open a window to Atatürk's visits to Trabzon.

    In the interior, original furniture and items reflecting the time Atatürk spent here are exhibited. Atatürk's table, armchairs and personal belongings offer visitors an insight into his life and work. This historical mansion offers visitors an important window to understand Atatürk's lifestyle and tastes.

  4. Uzungol:An indispensable point for those who want to discover the unique natural beauties of Trabzon, Uzungölincludes a fascinating lake and its surroundings, shaped like a work of art by nature. Uzungöl, named after the high mountains surrounding the lake, is one of Turkey's most beautiful natural wonders.

    The mountains surrounding the lake, colorful forests and clear waters form the unique landscape of Uzungöl. This region, which offers a different beauty in every season, is covered with flowers in spring and displays a fascinating image under its white cover in winter. Lush tea fields and small wooden village houses complete Uzungol's authentic atmosphere and natural beauties.

    Nature walks and trekking routes around Uzungöl offer unique opportunities for nature lovers. Along the walking paths, you can listen to the sound of waterfalls, discover endemic plant species and enjoy impressive views of the lake. You can also enjoy nature with activities such as canoeing, cycling and horse riding.

    You can try local cuisine in the restaurants around Uzungol. Tastes unique to Trabzon, fresh seafood and local cheese varieties are among the flavors that will appeal to your palate. At the same time, you can sit in the tea gardens by the lake and enjoy the cool waters and nature.

    Uzungöl is a quiet and peaceful escape point for those who want to discover the natural beauties of Trabzon. The impressive views, fresh air and natural beauty of this lake provide visitors with unforgettable memories and a relaxing experience. The time you spend in Uzungöl allows you to get away from stress and hustle and bustle by being fascinated by nature.

  5. Trabzon castle:Trabzon Castle, which adorns the historical silhouette of Trabzon and dominates the city, overlooks the blue of the Black Sea from a high hill. Located in the middle of the city center, this magnificent structure has played a critical role in the defense and strategic importance of the city throughout history. The majesty of the castle offers visitors both a historical and a panoramic experience.

    The historical past of the castle dates back to the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I period. However, the present structure was rebuilt in the 13th century by the Georgian King Manuel Komnenos. The walls, ramparts and towers of the castle are a magnificent example of the military engineering of that period.

    The narrow streets and slopes that climb the castle offer a historical atmosphere to the visitors. While walking along the castle walls, you can find the opportunity to experience the magnificence of historical buildings and the Black Sea scenery together. Once you reach the castle, seeing the panoramic view is a reward. The unique Black Sea view fascinates you at the junction of the sea and the mountains.

    The Trabzon Museum, located inside the castle, is an important source that illuminates the history and cultural heritage of the city. The museum exhibits artifacts from the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman periods. For history lovers and art lovers, this museum offers an unforgettable exploration opportunity.

    Trabzon Castle offers a rich experience with its historical texture, view and the museum it contains. This historical building is an unmissable stop for visitors who want to understand Trabzon's rich past, watch the panoramic view and follow the footsteps of the people who once lived within these walls.


Trabzon's rich and delicious cuisine is full of delicious flavors that bring the abundance of the Black Sea to your tables. In this region where seafood is fresh, local flavors and dishes prepared with fresh ingredients cheer the palate.

Muhlama is the most well-known dish of Trabzon cuisine. Prepared with cornmeal and butter, this delicious dish is served with cheese and anchovies. Especially in the winter months, muhlama is a warm option that is indispensable for the people of Trabzon. Kuymak is another local delicacy made with corn flour. Enriched with cheese and butter, kuymak is preferred for breakfast or as a main dish.

The fact that Trabzon is by the sea ensures that seafood has an important place in the tables. Anchovy pan is one of the famous flavors of the Black Sea region. This dish, prepared with fresh anchovies dipped in cornmeal and fried, is a delicious taste that meets the sea air. Also, Black Sea style fish soup is another seafood option you should try.

Fresh hazelnut is a special product of Trabzon and is used in many dishes from desserts to flavors. Hazelnut baklavas, cookies and desserts are among the unique tastes of the city. Trabzon date is also a local fruit and is frequently used in desserts and jams.

You can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and local products by visiting local markets in the streets of Trabzon. In addition, the restaurants and venues in the city center offer local flavors as well as general examples of Turkish cuisine.

Your eating and drinking experience in Trabzon is not only a gastronomic journey, but also an opportunity to understand the cultural texture of the region and the lifestyle of its people. You can get to know Trabzon's rich culinary culture closely by enjoying the local delicacies.


Trabzon's rich historical texture and natural beauties combine with the variety of accommodation options to offer an unforgettable travel experience. Accommodation alternatives in different regions stretching from the city center to the lap of nature appeal to all kinds of preferences and budgets.

Luxury hotels in Trabzon are an ideal option for guests seeking comfort and quality. These downtown hotels combine modern comfort with historic touches, offering large and comfortable rooms, spa facilities, restaurants and beauty centers. In addition, hotels with sea views or close to the city center offer the opportunity to easily visit historical places as well as shopping and sightseeing spots.

Boutique hotels and hostels are a great option for those looking for a more intimate and welcoming accommodation experience. These places, located in the historical streets of Trabzon, combine with traditional Turkish hospitality and fascinate you with their authentic atmosphere. This type of accommodation is usually in historical buildings or traditional houses and invites you to follow the traces of the past.

If you want to experience the peace of nature to the full, the holiday villages and nature hotels around Trabzon may be ideal for you. Located in greenery, these facilities offer the opportunity to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the natural beauties. It is a great opportunity to have a morning coffee or go for nature walks against the mountain views.

Among the accommodation options in Trabzon, it is also possible to rent a house or stay in apartments. This option may be suitable for those seeking independence and experiencing the local lifestyle up close.

Whatever type of accommodation you choose, you will have the opportunity to experience Trabzon's rich cultural heritage, natural beauties and friendly atmosphere. When choosing your accommodation for an unforgettable Trabzon experience, it is useful to make a decision considering both your comfort and proximity to places to visit.

Trabzon will offer an unforgettable travel experience with its historical and natural beauties, rich cuisine and hospitable people. We recommend you take time to explore this city, which has a different beauty every season.