The Black Sea Region is a region located in the north of Turkey and famous for its natural beauties, historical structures and cultural riches. This region is also an ideal place for adventure tourism. Here are suggestions for an adventure tour that can be organized in the Black Sea:

  1. Rafting: It is possible to do rafting in many parts of the Black Sea. In particular, Fırtına Creek and Çoruh River are ideal places for rafting.
  2. Mountain hiking: The plateaus and mountains of the Black Sea are great places for hiking and trekking. You can experience an adventure in touch with nature in places such as Zigana, Soğanlı Mountain, Kaçkar Mountain and Küre Mountains.
  3. Canyon tour: Canyon tours are organized in many parts of the Black Sea. Especially Uzungöl and Haldizen Creek Canyon are ideal places for this tour.
  4. Camping: You can enjoy nature by camping in the highlands surrounded by the natural beauties of the Black Sea. Especially Ayder Plateau and Gito Plateau are popular places for camping.
  5. Horse Riding: You can enjoy nature by riding a horse in the highlands of the Black Sea. Horse rides are organized especially in Ayder Plateau.

The Black Sea Region is a region with magnificent natural beauties that hosts every shade of green. There are also many historical and cultural buildings in the region. Cities such as Trabzon, Rize, Artvin and Giresun are also ideal places for tourists in terms of accommodation, eating and drinking and shopping.

Paragliding in the Black Sea

Paragliding in the Black Sea is also a very popular activity. One of the most ideal places for a paragliding tour is the Kaçkar Mountains of Rize. In addition, Trabzon's Sümela Monastery and Uzungöl regions are among the suitable places for paragliding.

It is very important to work with a licensed guide for a paragliding tour. Guides will organize your flight safely and join the flight with you. In addition, the quality of paragliding equipment is also very important. The latest technological materials should be used for a safe flight.

During the paragliding tour, you can watch the magnificent view of the Black Sea. The duration of your flight may vary depending on weather conditions and the route length you choose. However, it usually takes between 15-30 minutes.

Paragliding is an adrenaline-filled experience. However, it is very important for your safety to follow all instructions. Also, before you do a paragliding tour, you should review your health and check whether you are physically fit.


2-Day paragliding tour program in Rize:

  • Meeting in the city center of Rize in the morning and distribution of paragliding equipment.
  • Departure to Ayder Plateau by transportation vehicle.
  • Arrival at Ayder Plateau and departure to the first flight point of the paragliding tour.
  • Guided paragliding tour and enjoying unforgettable views.
  • After the tour, return to Ayder Plateau and settle in the hotel where you will stay.
  • Free time for dinner.
  • After breakfast and check-out, preparations for the paragliding tour of the second day.
  • Departure to the flight point of the paragliding tour in Uzungol region.
  • Guided paragliding tour and enjoying the wonderful views of Uzungol.
  • After the tour, move towards Rize city center and end of the tour.

This program includes Ayder Plateau and Uzungol regions, which are ideal for paragliding tours. In the two-day program, you will stay overnight and fly safely with professional guides on both tours. In addition, thanks to this program, you will experience an adrenaline-filled experience while discovering the natural beauties of Rize.