Discover the Beauties of Samsun

Samsun is known as the pearl of the Black Sea and is famous for its rich history, natural beauties and hospitable people. This guide aims to guide those who will visit Samsun to have an unforgettable travel experience.

Places to visit

1. Amisos Hill and Ancient City Ruins

Amisos Hill is famous for its ancient ruins and magnificent sea views. You can visit the ruins of the ancient city and go on a historical journey.

One of the indispensable stops for those who want to discover the historical riches of Samsun is Amisos Hill and Ancient City Ruins. This special region offers a wonderful experience for those who want to take a historical journey and those who want to rest while enjoying the view.

Aminos tepesi

Aminos tepesi

Amisos Ancient City: Amisos Hill is home to the ancient city of Amisos, which survived in antiquity. This ancient city, BC. It was founded in the 7th century as an important port city on the Black Sea coast. Historical ruins carry the traces of ancient architecture and offer visitors the opportunity to travel to the past. The ruins unearthed as a result of archaeological excavations include the ancient theatre, temples, baths and many other structures.

Landscape and Majestic Sea: One of the most striking features of Amisos Hill is its sea view. Observing the blue waters of the Black Sea from the top offers the opportunity to experience both historical and natural beauty. You can enjoy this view while walking on the road leading to the ancient city ruins.

Visiting Information: Amisos Hill and Ancient City Ruins are very close to Samsun city center. Don't forget to bring essential items such as comfortable walking shoes and sun protection equipment during your visit. In addition, you should be careful while walking on the ruins of the ancient city and take the necessary care not to damage the historical artifacts.

Guided Tours and Educational Activities: If you want to learn more about Amisos Hill and the Ancient City Ruins, you can get to know the history better by participating in the local guided tours with the explanations of the experts. In addition, you can contribute to the preservation and removal of historical remains by participating in archaeological work activities organized in certain periods.

Amisos Hill and the Ancient City Ruins offer an exquisite experience for history and nature lovers. By visiting this special area, you can have the chance to discover Samsun's deep-rooted past and at the same time enjoy its unique view.

2. Bandirma Ferry

Bandırma Ferry, the symbol of the War of Independence, is on display at Samsun Port. It draws attention with its historical importance and its use as a museum.

Bandırma Ferry, which has an important place in Samsun's historical scene, is one of the symbolic monuments of the War of Independence. This special ship is of great importance as it reflects the determination and will of the Turkish nation in its struggle for independence. The Bandırma Ferry exhibited in Samsun Port offers visitors a historical journey and the opportunity to better understand the national struggle.

Bandırma Vapuru

Bandırma Vapuru

History and Meaning: The Bandırma Ferry is the ship on which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his companions sailed to Samsun on May 19, 1919. This moment represents an important turning point when the Turkish nation started the independence struggle and laid the foundations of the War of Independence. Bandırma Ferry has a special place in Turkish history as a symbol of national will and love of freedom.

Museum and Exhibition: Bandırma Ferry currently serves as a museum in Samsun Port. The exhibition areas in the ship are full of visuals, documents and objects that tell the visitors the historical background of the War of Independence, the process that Atatürk started by going to Samsun and the progress of the struggle. Thanks to these exhibitions, visitors can better understand the historical events and grasp the importance of the national struggle.

Events and Commemorations: Various ceremonies are held around the Bandırma Ferry in Samsun on special days and commemoration events. The ceremonies that take place in front of the Bandırma Ferry, especially on May 19, Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, are celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the country.

Visiting Information: It is important to research information such as Bandırma Ferry's visiting hours and entrance fees in advance. You can learn more by taking guided tours during your visit. Samsun Port, where the Bandırma Ferry is located, is very easy to reach as it is located close to the city center.

An Unforgettable Experience: Visiting the Bandırma Ferry is a unique opportunity to witness the Turkish nation's struggle for independence and to understand the history. This ship has a great place in Turkey's national memory and offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

3. Amazon Statue and Park

This statue, dedicated to the Amazon legend unique to Samsun, is on Atatürk Street. You can have a pleasant time in the surrounding park.

The Amazon Statue, one of the iconic monuments of Samsun, is a homage to the city-specific legends and history. The park, where the Amazon Statue is located, offers visitors a pleasant and meaningful experience with its natural beauties and cultural meaning.

Amazon Heykeli

Amazon Heykeli

Amazon Legend: The Amazons appear in mythology as a mythical group known as female warriors. The Amazon Statue depicts these female warriors based on the local legend of Samsun. Legend has it that the Amazons lived in this region and left a strong impression. This statue keeps the memory of these female warriors alive.

Features of the Statue: The Amazon Statue has an eye-catching appearance. This statue depicting the Amazon warrior was shaped by the labor of local artists. The sculpture draws attention as an important work that interprets Samsun's historical and cultural heritage from a modern perspective.

Atmosphere of the Park: The park, where the Amazon Statue is located, offers an ideal area for those who want to relax and enjoy nature. You can stroll among the greenery, sit on the benches and enjoy the view. Various plant species and flowers around the park offer a visual feast.

Events and Festivals: The park, where the Amazon Statue is located, can host various events and festivals from time to time. Exhibitions, concerts or cultural events can be held in the park, especially during local festivals. These events can spice up your visit even more.

Visiting Information: Amazon Statue and Park is located in a central location of Samsun and is very easy to reach. Checking the park's open hours and events ahead of time will be helpful when planning your visit.

An Unforgettable Moment: The Amazon Statue and Park offers a rich experience both historically and culturally. By visiting this special area, you can witness the legends and local culture of Samsun more closely. You can also collect unforgettable memories with its natural beauties and peaceful atmosphere.

4. Archeology and Ethnography Museum

If you want to get to know Samsun's rich history closely, this museum is for you. It is full of archaeological and ethnographic artifacts.

Archeology and Ethnography Museum is an indispensable stop for those who want to get to know the rich history of Samsun and explore the cultural heritage of the region. This museum opens the doors of the past and cultural diversity to the visitors with archaeological artifacts and ethnographic items.

Arkeoloji ve Etnografya muzesi0000

Arkeoloji ve Etnografya muzesi0000

Archaeological Riches: The museum is full of archaeological artifacts unearthed from ancient settlements in the area. Artifacts from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods provide visitors with an important window to understand the lifestyles and cultural interactions of those periods. Ceramics, coin collections and stone works bear the traces of this rich history.

Ethnographic Values: The museum is also equipped with ethnographic objects reflecting the ethnic and cultural diversity of the region. Traditional clothes, handicrafts, household items and many more items shed light on the different periods and lifestyles of the region. Thanks to these objects, visitors can understand the cultural development of the region by tracing the past.

Temporary Exhibitions: The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions from time to time. These exhibitions are often held to promote works on different subjects and periods. Temporary exhibits can further spice up your museum experience and offer new perspectives.

Training and Events: The Archeology and Ethnography Museum includes not only exhibits but also educational and event programs. Guided tours and workshops for schools, groups or individuals offer visitors a more interactive experience.

Visiting Information: It is recommended that you inquire about the visiting hours, entrance fees and activities of the museum in advance. You can also learn more by taking guided tours while visiting the museum.

A Historical and Cultural Journey: The Archeology and Ethnography Museum is an indispensable resource for those who want to understand the story of Samsun, which has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Here you can go on a journey full of traces of the past and discover the history, culture and social life of the region.

Activities and Entertainment

1. Shoreline Walk

You can take a pleasant walk along Samsun's beautiful coastline, ride a bike and enjoy the sea view.

Surrounded by Samsun's unique sea view, the coastline offers both a relaxing and energizing walking experience. You can both feel the peace of the sea and experience the atmosphere of the city by walking along the beach.

Landscape and Natural Beauty: Walks along the coastline create a unique contrast with the cool blue of the Black Sea. While taking in the sea air, the greenery and parks along the coast also allow you to enjoy nature. This walk in nature allows you to relax both physically and mentally.

Activity and Sports: The coastline is a perfect area not only for walking, but also for various activities such as cycling, jogging and even doing yoga by the sea. These activities, preferred by locals and visitors, reflect the lively and energetic atmosphere of the beach.

Recreation and Entertainment: Resting areas, benches and cafes along the beach allow you to crown your walk with a pleasant break. Some beachside cafes and restaurants offer the opportunity to dine or have refreshing drinks while enjoying the sea view.

Sea Smells and Sounds: One of the things you can enjoy most during the beach walk is the fresh sea smell and the sound of the waves. These natural elements make your walk even more enjoyable and bring you together with the serenity of the sea.

Sunset Pleasure: Especially in the evening, taking a coastal walk is a great opportunity to enjoy a magnificent sea view and watch the sunset. The colorful sky and the reflected sea help you create unforgettable memories.

2. Bafra Shipyard Beach

Famous for its calm and beautiful beaches, Bafra Shipyard Beach is ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy the sea.

Bafra Shipyard Beach, one of the natural beauties of Samsun, offers a unique experience to the visitors with its calmness, clear sea and wide beaches. This beach is a great option for those who want to relax and spend time with water sports.

Enjoy the Sea and the Sand: Bafra Shipyard Beach is famous for its golden sands and clean sea. Swimming here is a great opportunity to enjoy the sun and the sea. The sea is calm and clear, making activities such as swimming or snorkeling enjoyable.

Calmness and Nature: Bafra Shipyard Beach has a generally non-crowded atmosphere. Thanks to this feature, this place offers a quiet and peaceful resting area. You can take a walk on the beach and breathe in the smell of the sea and discover the natural beauties of the environment.

Water sports: If you are looking for a more active experience, Bafra Shipyard Beach offers a suitable environment for various water sports. You can take your interaction with the sea to a different level by experiencing activities such as kite surfing, windsurfing and sea skiing. Water sports centers located by the beach can assist with training and equipment rentals.

Picnic and Pleasure: The picnic areas around the beach are ideal for families and groups of friends. You can enjoy the sea view by eating a nice picnic meal and have pleasant moments with your loved ones.

Watching the Sunset: In the evening, Bafra Shipyard Beach is an ideal spot to witness magnificent sunsets. Watching the color riot of the sky from the seaside helps you to collect unforgettable memories.

Visiting Information: Bafra Shipyard Beach is about an hour away from the center of Samsun. It is important to check the weather conditions prior to your visit and take the necessary equipment with you if necessary.

Enjoying the Harmony of Nature and the Sea: Bafra Shipyard Beach is one of the points that best reflects the natural beauties of Samsun. This beach offers a unique experience to visitors by combining the peace of nature with the coolness of the sea. It is a perfect option for anyone who wants to relax, have fun or spend time with water sports. Enjoying the Harmony of Nature and Sea:

3. Shopping on Canik Street

Located in the city center, Canik Street welcomes shopaholics with its various stores. You can also find local souvenirs.

Canik Street, located in the heart of Samsun, is an attractive spot for shopping enthusiasts, full of various shops, boutiques and shops. Offering a wide range of options from local products to designer brands, this street attracts those who love to shop.

Local Crafts: Canik Street is full of shops selling handmade products and handicrafts unique to Samsun. Traditional weavings, ceramic products, local clothes and handicrafts are unique pieces that carry the cultural heritage of the region.

Fashion and Clothing: Canik Street offers many shops for those who are interested in fashion and clothing. From the boutiques of young designers to the stores of international brands, there are many options to suit different styles and budgets.

Souvenirs: If you want to take a special souvenir from your Samsun trip, you can take a look at the souvenir shops on Canik Street. Products decorated with local motifs offer a special and meaningful gift option for your loved ones.

Cafes and Restaurants: When you want to relieve your shopping fatigue and take a break, cafes and restaurants around Canik Street offer you various options. You can indulge your taste buds with a variety of flavors from local to international cuisine.

Fun and Vitality: Canik Street is also one of the centers of the city's social life. Events, street performers, and festivals along the street further spice up your shopping experience and add to the lively atmosphere of the street.

Local Products and Tastes: If you want to taste the famous flavors of Samsun and buy local products, you can also take a look at the side streets of Canik Street. There are also local markets and shops where you can find products such as fresh fruit, vegetables, local cheeses and olive oils.

Visiting Information: The opening hours and store options of Canik Caddesi may vary. It may be helpful to research specific store opening hours and featured brands before making your plans.

Personal Style and Souvenir Exchange: Canik Street offers a unique shopping experience for those who want to reflect their personal style. At the same time, when you want to crown the memory of your trip with something special, you have a high chance of finding what you are looking for here.

Practical information

  • Transportation: You can use public transport (bus, tram) for urban transportation. Taxis are also widely preferred.
  • Accommodation There are various hotel and hostel options in the city. Don't forget to make a reservation in advance.
  • Weather: In Samsun, which has a Black Sea climate, precipitation can be seen throughout the year. It is important to come prepared.

Remember: Our travel guide offers general information. Be sure to check the official tourism resources for real-time updates and more details.